The one who got AWAY

Every action has a reaction

And no actions equal nothing

How can something evolve properly without probable effort to equal SOMETHING

Effortlessly leaving it stagnated

Our chemistry explodes like a comet in the sky

But is it temporarily just a sight to see or feel

Then slowly fades and die

Just traces across the sky of what was once there

Is it fair to say that u just watched as if you didn’t care

Watch me slip away like how the sun sets and begins to get ready for a new day

I can’t explain the feelings of anticipation.

Constantly taking mind vacations.

Taking joy rides with no destination.

Tell me….

Where am I going?

where should I visit to find this place I can call home?

Lost like a puppy eager, walking around and looking alone

I just wanna go home…..

Home where it’s safe.

In your keep, In your arms

Under your care whether awake or just comfortably sleep

At peace

Home is where the Heart is and that’s just where I wanna be.

You are home and I just want the key

Something to call my own , just not alone and I promise I’m here to stay

I just wanna be the one who came and never left, “NOT THE ONE WHO GOT AWAY”

Written by Shantinique Sims

5/3/2019 5:45a.m



Connection, affection , something for me that’s destined

To be my other half

The completion of perfect imperfection

I’m tired of the Single life

Tired of being his special friend

I wanna eventually be his wife

And enjoy this life together, perfect yet imperfect together till no END

A dream stuck in the clouds I can’t even suffice

Stuck between decisions to hold on to Reality or keep dreaming

On two different pages in this love story , I’m hip

But which Chapter do I get bored wit shit and Just forget!!

Racing to see what this story unfolds

I write the Book so of course I want the PERFECT love story yet Told

Not Many topics or should I say guys have captured my attention

My Heart knows what it wants but my mind stays fishing

Reeling in feelings I feel like I should have kept it

Cause what’s the purpose of going into this ocean of love just to pull out Nothing!!

Momma said it’s plenty fish in the sea

If she was still here I’d tell her

I feel like that one fish is Hard to catch , but I think it’s Meant for me🤞🏾💯💕🥰

Written By Shantinque Sims



As a kid into an adult my destination plans may have changed

From what I wanted to be

To what I wanted to do

from who I wanted to be like

and painting a visual for clear view

Some goals met

some old and made new

My heart still searches for what I’m destined to do

I wake up every morning with thoughts and ideas not yet met

Trying to plant my seed on solid ground to grow

Stepping out on faith and into a wilderness I don’t know

Looking for some light in a tunnel that’s dark trying to find my way

Jumping from path to path tryna to stay ahead of my thoughts and keep pace

I had to realize this is no race

Sometimes what your searching for is right in your face

Staying consistent to your goals and determined to get it done

Put your thoughts into motion

With a desire to stay focus

From a Dream to a vision

From created , to completion

Let Growth be the plan and success be the mission!!!!

Written by

Shantinque Sims

Loves Submission

My heart yearns for him like a deep hunger leading into starvation
His love pumps like the blood in my veins and my love for him keeps my heart pumping.

My love is so deep for this man sometimes the thoughts of thinking of him I cant sleep. So many years of my soul lingering to find my soul mate I just want to submit my everything to him.
Let him know I am his gem, him for me and me for him.
You ever loved someone so bad that it hurts.
Because my mind aches at the thoughts of my love not fully being fulfilled. I want him to let his guard down so he can feel what I feel
I just want to submit all my love to him so he can know its real!

Written by
Shantinque Sims


Why do I always get the short end of the stick 

Love in all forms and the guys I come across are too slick 

Mouth full of words persuading 

And shady 

Quick to make u trip n fall by the grace of his deception

Connections connecting the wrong dots

Leaving hopeless spots and filling the wrong voids… 

Falling in love with lies 

And he never complies to my hearts standards

Stuck to watch the haves and I have not

Heart twisted in knots 

And the vessels to my heart blocked

Why must I fall for the wrong one… 

Written by Shantinque Sims©

No fairytales

My heart cries from lies yet untold
My heart sold copies of a fairytale I wanted to live of my own

Fear drew me into a sunken place held me captive to the devils face.. 

I lived in my own reality numb of every fallacy 

Life tried to choke me and beat Me out of my misery… 

Tried to scare me of living Vividly 

I remember every situation that suffocated me

Took breath from me.. 

Took the stride from under my feet

 but I got up with scars

Blood dripped on my behalf,  my heart raced,  my mind was lost… But the sun keep shining as if there was no darkness

All my wounds told stories of a life I could be proud of because it made me and didn’t break me

But it carried me and didn’t shake me. 

I live a life that I didn’t want

Just another soilder

Not afriad to fight

I draw my sword to protect me on endless nights

Written by :Shantinque Sims 

Morning Sex

Tossing… turning.. 

Yearning for the consistency in your touch 

Building up aggression for a perfect love session . I just want your affection soft kisses while firmly gripping on everything you’ve been missing

My senses hightned, while I’m fighting 

Resisting every move u make,  knowing in my head all I want u to do is make my soul shake…  Seductive earthquakes

Shaking and breaking down walls releasing the flow of my milkshake… The sun shining putting the perfect glow to our bodies,  birds chirping on the outside, as I roll over grip the window pane,  u planting kisses on my neck is driving me insane

Moans in slow motion while we induldge in sensual commotion

Body waves like we’re sailing on the Atlantic ocean as u slowly drown in our love making early…… IN THE MORNING 

WRITTEN BYBY: Shantinque SIms ©


​I found myself stuck in the wilderness


And clothed in vulnerablilty

My thoughts spoke an unfamiliar language 

My mind tainted from my circumstances 

I thought to myself how many chances do I get to get it right before my heart splits

Never to reshape or reform

Damaged from my past 

just another atmospheric storm

Winds came to sway me

To knock me down

I stumbled,  I fell,  I hit the ground

Lefts helpless in situations with no one around to be found 

Usually it’s me running to the rescue of those I love in need

But KNOCKED to my feet 

Selfish souls forgot about “she” and left her out to suffer and bleed 

That she was me! 

This was the time where I realized

 that too much of me was not appreciated 

That too many boundaries of selfishness was not reciprocal 

I was too selfless which left me in the end alone in distress

Sucked of all energy with none to give my self

Injured physically, emotionally scorned, abandonment taunted me and haunted me like the Ghost of my Mothers past 

it made me ..

but it brought back those dark moments when I thought the hurt was “everlasting”  

casting a spell on This angel because I was broken without the proper casting

People don’t understand behind every smile there’s a story,  behind every laugh there’s history of pain that made us of who we are 

Adversaries chased me,  robbed me of my peace 

leaving me to “one”by “one” 

pick up the pieces of me that shattered along the way

With those pieces ,

were pieces of my Faith

Molded back together to strengthen, to fold, but not BREAK ! ✊✊✊👑

Written by Shantinque Sims©